What are my billing options?

TrueProfile only accepts credit card payment.  You may choose annual or monthly billing.  By choosing annual billing, you secure a discounted price for TrueProfile.

An enterprise version of TrueProfile is available, which can be highly customised to fit enterprise needs.  To inquire, please email support@trueprofile.com

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How can I access TrueProfile?

You can login to TrueProfile on any device with a web browser by visiting https://www.trueprofile.com/login.  The dashboard is currently optimised to tablet and computers, while the client experience will also work on smartphones.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription here – https://reveal.trueprofile.com/dashboard/admin/settings/billing.  Your subscription will continue for the remainder of your billing period, and will not renew in the new billing period.

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Which portfolios does TrueProfile map to?

TrueProfile maps to whichever portfolio models you choose.  During the on boarding setup wizard, you will be prompted to add your investment models, select TrueProfile’s default models, or disable portfolio mapping.  By default, TrueProfile maps to MSCI investment models.

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