What TrueProfile Users Are Saying

“I’ve found True Profile to be a simple and effective way of measuring my clients risk preferences. Clients seem to be more engaged in the risk measurement process too, asking more pertinent questions rather than ambiguous ones. With the general advancement in technologies, I see this as a step in the right direction and a large stride from the typical multichoice questionnaire.”

Mathew Barr
Financial Advisor at Insuraplan
Brisbane, Australia

Efficiency and information are both as important to us as they are to our clients.  In the past, we viewed a risk score simply as another data point, but TrueProfile provides candid insight into how a client rationalizes their decisions. TrueProfile is easy to use and less time intensive than traditional risk questionnaires. And, through the use of gamification, TrueProfile helps us identify which clients we need to be more proactive with in good, and more importantly, tough market conditions.”    

JC Abusaid
President and COO at Halbert Hargrove
Long Beach, California

“We all know clients can’t tell us their risk tolerance, or how loss averse they are, or if they have trouble saving. It doesn’t get better by simply asking more or different questions.  This research enables client actions which tell you far more than their words.  We are moving to an evidence and data driven era in advice and we should welcome and shape this future further.”

Ian Knox
CEO at Paragem
Sydney, Australia

“If you are looking to increase client engagement, then best practice interactive tools like these enhance the client experience and can help raise clients’ self-awareness, leading to improved advice outcomes.”

Tony Davison
GM at Henderson Maxwell
Sydney, Australia