Our Partners

At TrueProfile we are in the process of developing strategic, beneficial relationships with key organisations around the globe. We’re connected to communities that support financial advisors and innovation within finance. 

MSCI is a world-class provider of data and software solutions for the global investment community. Many of the world’s largest investors, use MSCI‘s solutions for both portfolio management and risk management. The firm’s expertise is based on more than 40 years of academic research, real-world experience and collaboration with their many clients. As on of our trusted partners, MSCI provides us with critical data that enables us to offer clients a best-in-class solution supporting critical work flows related to strategic asset allocation.

Portfolio Construction Forum

Portfolio Construction Forum is the specialist, independent investment continuing education and certification service curated for Australia’s and NZ’s investment portfolio construction practitioners, enabling their better quality portfolio construction knowledge, wisdom and skills to improve the financial wellbeing of individuals. Portfolio Construction Forum is the education partner for TrueProfile in Australia.

Our Launch Partners

We at TrueProfile are especially thankful to these partner firms.  Their client-centric philosophy and spirit of innovation has put them in the vanguard of bringing serious behavioral economics to the practice of understanding their clients.

Affinia is a dealer group championing impeccable advice, partnering with exceptional advisers and proactively keeping them informed – and empowered – so they can best support more Australians.


Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors is a fiduciary investment management and wealth advisory firm headquartered in Long Beach, CA, with offices in San Diego, CA, Bellevue, WA, Denver, CO, Scottsdale, AZ, and Houston and The Woodlands, TX. Founded in 1933 and employee-owned, we serve the quietly wealthy with approximately $2.3B assets under management.

Paragem is a leading Australian AFSL with over 30 successful practices looking after over $4 billion of clients’ affairs. Paragem was established to provide advisers with the flexibility to develop their business and the freedom to provide the most appropriate advice for their clients with product being a secondary issue. Paragem’s support includes expertise in managed accounts and best use of technology.  Advisers within Paragem are typically goals based and their interest in quality risk profiling and preferences matches this skill set.