How can I access TrueProfile?

You can login to TrueProfile on any device with a web browser by visiting  The dashboard is currently optimised to tablet and computers, while the client experience will also work on smartphones.

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Is TrueProfile a financial planning tool?

TrueProfile is a client profiling tool.  TrueProfile’s activities create profiles for your clients and provide insights on how you might use precise preferences to create suitable financial advice for your clients.  TrueProfile does not provide investment advice.

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Which portfolios does TrueProfile map to?

TrueProfile maps to whichever portfolio models you choose.  During the on boarding setup wizard, you will be prompted to add your investment models, select TrueProfile’s default models, or disable portfolio mapping.  By default, TrueProfile maps to MSCI investment models.

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What is the investment timeframe when answering the risk activity?

The timeframe on the decision scenarios in the TrueProfile risk activities is within one year.  In other words, the client should imagine the outcome of the scenario as happening within a year’s time.  TrueProfile uses a near-term time frame because it is measuring the client’s current risk preferences.This measurement should not be confused with the time horizon associated with […]

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Why do the decision scenarios sometimes appear unrealistic?

TrueProfile is the equivalent of putting your client in a financial decision making “wind tunnel.”  Much as an aeronautical engineer tests an airplane prototype by putting it thru both normal and extreme scenarios in a wind tunnel, TrueProfile puts a client thru normal and extreme scenarios, the better to extract maximum explanatory power (statistically) from […]

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How do I enter or update model portfolios in TrueProfile?

Now that you’ve signed up for TrueProfile you can start mapping your clients to the model portfolio that best fit their preferences.

There are two options for adding or editing your model portfolios:

 During the onboarding wizard In admin mode

>>>  During the Onboarding Wizard

You will be given the option to choose between mapping to TrueProfile’s default model portfolios and […]

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What key points should I make when explaining TrueProfile to clients?

We’ve taken care to provide enough context in the game experience itself for most clients to feel comfortable with what they are doing and why. However, you may find that certain clients need a bit more explanation. Here are five things clients should know as they play through TrueProfile for the first time.

Note: these talking […]

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Do you have any sample scripts for setting up TrueProfile for my clients?

Here is a sample script you can use to set up the profiling activity for your clients:

TrueProfile is a risk simulator that helps me to find the right portfolio for you by finding the risks you’re most comfortable with.

How does it do it?

In the activity you will be asked to make hypothetical decisions on risk […]

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