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Why Do Retirees Avoid Spending? Interview with Dan Silverman (Podcast)

Arizona State University professor Dan Silverman (head of research for Capital Preferences) shares his finding that a paradoxical benefit of annuitization is that it induces saving behavior during retirement, and that such retirees therefore end up with higher bequeathable assets.

Do you really know your client?

The level of understanding financial planners have about their clients directly correlates to their potential for success, according to a new “know your client” benchmarking study.

The Chart that Shows the Financial Peril Facing Federal Workers

Shachar Kariv, Dan Silverman and colleagues share insights from their research on the financial impact of government shutdowns on federal workers.

FPA Unveils “Know Your Client” Benchmark Research in Collaboration with Capital Preferences and T. Rowe Price

Financial planners who deeply understand clients see greater satisfaction, better client relationship quality and higher net client growth.

Finding Your Investment Zen

A new suite of investment tools allows investors to better understand themselves by studying their decision making.

10 Questions with Shachar Kariv

Shachar Kariv on Revealed Preferences, Ambiguity Aversion, and Big Data

Need to know your clients better?

UC Berkeley professor Shachar Kariv tells ThinkAdvisor how his software gamifies the task of understanding clients’ true risk tolerance

Why the financial industry still gets risk profiling so wrong

Breakthroughs in the science of risk assessment are enabling advisors to more effectively align investment solutions with clients' pragmatic and behavioral needs.

New FPA survey reveals characteristics of top advisers

'Behavioralists' outpace their colleagues in such areas as net client growth rates and referrals.

Barclays honors Capital Preferences in Silicon Valley with second place win

We were one of 25 hand-picked companies from 150 impressive nominations and finished joint second in the Challenge with an honorable mention.

Behavioral Economics Takes the Stage at FPA National Confererence

Applied Behavioral Economics Takes the Stage at FPA Conference With TrueProfile Chief Scientist Shachar Kariv of UC Berkeley


2018 will mark the beginning of the end of the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.

A surefire way to better serve your clients and build a stronger practice.

Do you want to differentiate your firm from the competition, while adding value to your client relationships? Focus attention on an area that is ignored by most advisors: client profiling.

Best newcomer: Capital Preferences

Its Economic Fingerprint product uses basic games to tease out a client's 'revealed preferences' in terms of their attitude to risk.

TrueProfile Adds Jeff Miller and Steve Schultz to Advisory Board

Financial services veterans bring deep experience and insights.

FPA Partners with Leading Experts to Make Behavioral Economics Technology and Education More Accessible

FPA, TrueProfile and Berkeley Executive Education at the University of California to provide financial planners with unique support in the emergent field of Behavioral Economics

Hybrid future of advice

Gamification improves the quality of client profiling, and thus the quality of the advice. The US company Capital Preferences has developed the future of preference analytics.

Leading Game Theorist Launches 60 Second Profile System

TrueProfile launches Risk Essentials client profiling product in the USA

Creating the Right Client Profile

Scott MacKillop, CEO of First Ascent Asset Management, lays out the key elements of a holistic client profile, and unpacks the often overlooked or misunderstood portions of client risk preferences.

From Berkeley with Love:

TrueProfile launches in Australia and announces first advisor partnerships.