Your client’s goal tradeoffs, revealed

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Most clients are not truly dialed into their goal priorities. With TrueProfile, take your clients on a self-discovery journey.

Allow them to sort their top priorities and make tradeoffs through an engaging and intuitive experience.

Show your value add with confidence

With TrueProfile's precision insights, you can show how your client's funding plan is personalized for their goal priorities.


Adds client details

To get started, simply enter a client's name, email and estimated net worth.


Plays quick game

Your client clicks an email link and plays a short, intuitive game.


Gets profile and makes investment recommendations

Use your client's combined goal and risk profile to generate a funding plan and personalize investment recommendations.

Be informed

TrueProfile reveals not only what you should know, but how confident you can be in what the client shared.

Be connected

Help clients understand what their true goal priorities are in just a few clicks.

Be prepared

Re-evaluate goal priorities in response to a client's major life events.