Our Leadership


Bernard Del Rey
CEO and Founder

Shachar Kariv
Chief Scientist and Co-Founder


J. Womack
Chief Administration Officer and Head of Investment


Pat Spenner
Chief Marketing Officer and Global Head of Product


Dan Silverman
Co Founder
(Currently on Sabbatical)

Our Philosophy

It’s simple – your decisions reveal who you are.  We believe in the wisdom of “show me, don’t tell me.”

By examining how clients make tradeoffs between risk vs. return, today vs. tomorrow and themselves vs. others, we gain a precise measure of their preferences and can customize their financial plans, business plans, job search, and more, with confidence.

Our Story

In 2013, Bernard Del Rey, CEO of Capital Position, began exploring ways to better understand investors. His investigation revealed the flaws and inefficiencies that are prevalent in the current practices of profiling clients within financial services and beyond.

In search of better alternatives from within academia, we discovered Professor Shachar Kariv’s work and research – a hidden gem known primarily inside academia.  Bernard tracked down Shachar at Northwestern for a short, but productive phone call and there it began.

Optimistic, Shachar and Bernard met a few weeks later in Sydney to plan the foundation of Capital Preferences; the mission of the firm was clear from the beginning – to improve the lives of all  decision makers and those who serve them.  A big and worthy cause in an age of increasing options and complexity.

Incorporated in July 2014, Capital Preferences has invested over a decade of premier academic research and 2 years of focused development and world-wide testing to prepare for a revolutionary launch of its enterprise investment advice, lending, insurance and talent market solutions.  We intend to bring science and rigor to how we understand clients and candidates and are out to solve the biggest challenges facing the most dynamic industries.

Shachar, as one of the top decision scientists and game theorists in the world now leads the acclaimed Berkeley Economics Department as its Chair recently noted in Bloomberg View as the top Economics Department in the world.  We believe his work is the biggest breakthrough in customized financial services in over 50 years.

Join us on this journey of creating a new and higher standard for how we understand and serve customers.

Happy Decision Making!